Monday, 23 January 2012


I thought it might be worthwhile to just document the paperwork that I have done in order to get approval to ship the car to the USA, so that if any one else ever tries to do it, it is available.  Reason is that just a couple of weeks ago I was asked to provide a letter of Approval from the US EPA, and I had never heard of this letter, nor did I know where to get it or what information was required as it is hard to find out.  Luckily Ian Wilson in NZ who brought his S1 back from Europe via the USA a few years ago was able to help me at very short notice, and something that for a moment I thought could have been a trip-stopper turn out to be just a minor hiccup along the way !!!   Big thanks, Ian !!

Spare Parts

The final list of suitable spare parts has been one I have pondered over for more than a year now. I think my biggest concern is punctures or a broken windscreen rather than a breakdown. Treated right, the little car is pretty reliable so I do not anticipate major problems.   

Changes !!

Well everything changed soon after my last post !   At the last minute, just a couple of days before the ship was due to sail, my shipping agents called me and told me that the ship MV Figaro was no longer calling at Los Angeles !! Surprised a lot of people because the Korea and Japan sector to LA is usually one of the busiest ones for these vessels, carrying Hyundais and Kias from Korea and Toyotas etc from Japan to the US market. But for some reason, it isn't going to LA this time, so at the last minute we had to change to a different vessel, Taiko, Voyage 205.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Those who made it possible

People to whom I owe thanks :-

Australia Leaving

So yesterday we took Elsie to the Brisbane docks the required 5 days before the ship's sailing date, and left her there - Hopefully in good hands.